新時代和装のススメ The Idea of kanako Designs.













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Proposing a new Kimono-style for a new era

My mother was a Kimono lover and left me a lot of Kimonos,

but I was not able to wear them just because the sizes did not fit me.

“They are too good to be kept in drawers (“Mottainai” spirit).

Will there be anything I can do with them?”, I thought.

This experience is the starting point of Kanako Designs.

Since then, I have thought it over, tried many things and, of course, failed many times.

If I cannot wear them as Kimono,

I may be able to create original dresses using these Kimonos as material to present a new taste.

I have decided to propose a new Kimono-style for a new era.

I have devoted myself to transform Kimonos to modern and high-quality original clothes with unique taste,

using whatever the material. This has been a challenging but creative process.

Every day at Kanako Designs is a challenge to create new things.

We are committed and work with pride.

Since its foundation,

Kanako Designs has been supported by many customers regardless of sex or nationality.

Material we use is not limited to Kimonos.

We use excellent material available all over the world to continue our unique and creative activities.

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It is important to decide what you want to make

using Kimonos full of memories and Obis you particularly like.

We also believe that it is valuable for you to actually use

and enjoy the item you create with us.

With this belief in mind,

we thoroughly check our customer’s requests, preference and style.

We exchange various ideas with our customers and transform them to products.